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Company Arimo itself allow you to put in a tender of production schedule of blueprint and exhibits production of clothing.

ARIMO spol. s.r.o. - BLUEPRINT

Clothing and Blueprint in Straznice

Skácelova 1547
696 62 Strážnice, CZECH REPUBLIK

Company registration number: 49969684
Business registration number in Brno C 13470

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Tel. +420 518 332 039
Fax. +420 518 334 486

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Arimo Company follows up with a hundred-year-old history of family dyers ...
During the 2004 initiation of the European Inheritance day in the city of Tabor, Frantisek Joch was given a title of Bearer of Traditional Fold Workmanship in the field of blue-print tradition. This title is given to those workers who preserve jeopardized workmanship technologies. Moravian Heritage